AAPRA Payments

Charles Eatherly (v)

 2015 Legend
 Currently Executive Consultant at Arizona State Parks (ASP), Charles Eatherly has been a devoted public servant for 54 years. He has been teaching, collaborating and leading in the field of Parks and Recreation since 1961. Forty-four years of his career have been spent at Arizona State Parks. In his career, Charles has brought robust public participation into the planning process of park systems in different jurisdictions and locations. He has also worked as a valued member of many teams and programs that resulted in the expansion of recreation opportunities available in states across the country. In fact, during discussion about his participation in these projects, he always starts with “I was part of the team that…..” Because Charles Eatherly is a contributing team member, one will find him focusing more on accomplishing outcomes rather than amassing personal credit. Charles’ optimism and commitment is infectious. He demonstrates the highest level of active listening skills and regularly puts others’ recognition before his own and has been able to build a rich and varied network in the field. This network has oftentimes allowed projects to move forward that may not have otherwise. In advancing ASP’s mission he continues to take great effort in encouraging and advancing the professional development of his fellow employees, and continues to faithfully serve the myriad of human and natural resource communities that make Arizona shine. He is an untiring keeper of institutional knowledge for an agency that has undergone rapid change from the beginning of the recession in 2008 to the present. His care, concern and enthusiasm for the system that he has helped to build has never waivered. [current as of 2015]