AAPRA Payments

J. Robert Rossman

 2015 Legend (video to be posted soon):
J. Robert Rossman, Ph.D., Professor and Dean Emeritus, Illinois State University, Author, Speaker and Consultant, has been an advocate for developing excellent university programs in parks and recreation. He has been a university administrator for a significant part of his career serving as department chair for thirteen years at two different institutions and dean for ten years at two different institutions. Through his outstanding leadership, the program at the University of North Texas became the first accredited program in the State of Texas. Dr. Rossman has supported the accreditation process that helpedstrengthen undergraduate programs in parks and recreation, having made twelve accreditation visits to universities over a twenty-two year period and serving on the accreditation council for one year. He has helped implement day-to-day operations of professional organizations, and his peers have elected him to key leadership positions. Examples of his diverse service contributions include serving as President of SPRE, serving on the SPRE Board, serving on the Board of the American Academy for Park and Recreation Administration, and co-developing, along with Dr. Gary Ellis, the NRPA Student Quiz Bowl. He performed various editorial responsibilities for journals in the field including Schole and the Journal of Park and Recreation Administration. Dr. Rossman has made numerous significant contributions to the park and recreation field during his career that have sustained for over 45 years. He made these academic and service contributions while carrying heavy administrative responsibilities as a department chair and dean. He is one of the most visible, accomplished and respected academicians in our field. His work has helped establish that parks and recreation is a knowledge-based profession, and it has improved professional practice throughout America and the World. [current as of 2015]