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In 2014, the Academy underwent a focus on “youngification”, partially in an effort to ensure the Academy was a vibrant, growing and relevant organization to the overall profession. At the conclusion of the NRPA Charlotte Congress, a specific Mentoring Committee of the Academy was developed as one method to reach out to young professionals. 

Over the last five years the Academy and the Leadership Development Network have partnered with the Young Professional Network to implement a Mentorship program. The intent of the program was to pair professionals with a member of the Young Professionals Network (Mentee) to share experiences and to provide development opportunities to the young Professionals. This program began a few years ago. It has continued to grow with last year more than 40 Mentors/Mentee pairs participating in the program.

The AAPRA/NRPA Networks Mentorship Program has three components:

  • Director/Young Director
  • Professional/Young Professional
  • AAPRA Externs and Academy Members;

What are the benefits of joining a Mentorship Program?

  • Unique and personal access with a prominent parks and recreation Mentor.
  • Explore work through interactions with Mentors in the parks and recreation career of their choice.
  • Gain an experienced practitioner’s perspective on career situations.
  • Identify and plan short-term and long-term development career plan with the assistance of a successful Mentor. 
  • Heighten awareness of the career opportunities in the parks and recreation field.

Program Eligibility

Mentees must:

  • Be members of NRPA and/or their state association.
  • Have a position (part-time or full-time) or be a student in the parks and recreation field.
  • Participate in their local or state parks and recreation association
  • Complete and submit a Mentee application.

Mentors must:

  • Be members of AAPRA and/or NRPA.
  • Be willing to commit time to the Mentorship program for a specific time and a minimum of two hours per month – normally through phone calls and emails.

For more information contact:
Stacey Dicke
Parks and Recreation Director
City of New Braunfels, TX
(830) 221-4355