The Davey Institute, housed within The Davey Tree Expert Company, serves all of Davey’s North American operations with a scientific commitment to our horticultural and environmental services. The scientists and technical advisors at the Davey Institute guide field service teams in diagnosing and prescribing the best products, application procedures, and pest and disease cultural practices to be used at the client site. We staff our technical teams with experts in all aspects of plant care and geographic specificity. These experts train the company’s field technicians and serve as resources of constantly refined knowledge to address the specific needs of our clients. The greater Davey Tree Expert Company provides a variety tree care, landscape and vegetation management services to residential, commercial, utility and governmental clients.

In addition to plant pathology and related materials expertise, the Institute’s teams develop new methods to help clients measure, analyze, and quantify the hidden benefits that trees provide beyond just beauty and shade. As large portions of our clients move into more active management of their natural assets, understanding the environmental benefits their tree populations provide leads to a greater appreciation of these natural assets. The Davey Institute works closely with our partners to disseminate this knowledge to everyone from home and commercial property owners to local, state and regional governments.

Integrated teams at the Institute support, prioritize and align the needs of our expanding, multi-disciplined organization:

Practical Plant Care
Company founder John Davey believed in addressing the health and maintenance of trees as a practical way to preserve our natural resources. Over the years, we added lawn and landscape care to our areas of expertise as well. Davey Institute scientists work in our industry-leading laboratories and diagnostic facilities to identify materials and treatment programs to strengthen the natural ability of trees and plants to resist the impacts of insects, diseases and environmental stresses, such as long-term droughts.

Contract & Funded Research
Scientists at The Davey Institute collaborate with governmental agencies, leading academic institutions, private companies and non-profits to conduct research on the best practices to better manage our community forests and combat threats they face. The Institute develops leading practices, products and technologies for the tree, landscape and vegetation management sectors of our industry.

These research products include biomechanical analyses (studying trees’ structural response to external stresses such as wind loads to better understand when trees fail and how to mitigate the risk., environmental modeling of ecosystem services, patented fertilizers and soil care treatments, and industry-specific software applications.

Technical Field Services
The best news for clients is that Davey technical teams take Institute knowledge directly to our field crews. Our teams are staffed with experts in a particular aspect of plant care and cover a specific geographic region. These technical scientists are equipped with advanced degrees in entomology, horticulture, urban forestry, forestry, turf, agronomy, plant pathology, plant physiology, and botany. The Institute trains our technicians and serves as on-call resources to address specific needs of our clients.

Professional Training
The Davey Institute leads the development and implementation of our professional training curriculum. Employees attend classes in person and online, and receive hands-on practical training. Every field employee benefits from our research into best practices through our established training structure that moves information into the field. 

Environmental Safety
Given the focus of our industry, the Davey Tree Expert Company is dedicated to environmental awareness, accountability and stewardship. We recognize that our business has environmental impacts and we strive to conduct operations in a manner that preserves and enhances the environment. The Davey Institute leads our environmental programs by developing practices based on responsible, science-based actions, advanced technical research, and sustainable business practices. We ensure Davey’s environmental responsibilities through compliance with internal policies, applicable laws and regulations, commitment to continuous improvement, and public disclosure of our environmental, social and governance guidelines.

The Davey Company is here to help you effectively manage your agency’s trees. With tightened fiscal resources, it is paramount that agencies take advantage of tree experts. To learn how the Davey Company can help you accomplish your organizational goals and objectives, please contact Brian Borkowicz with Davey’s National Development Team at (847) 417-4901 or brian.borkowicz@davey.com