The Academy's Standing Committees

Best Paper Award Committee 
Selects the Best Paper Award each year, either for a doctoral dissertation (even numbered year) or a master's thesis/undergraduate paper (odd numbered year). Promotes opportunity for award via Academy publications, Educator listserv(s), JPRA editors, and The Academy for Leisure Sciences (TALS). Award is presented at General Membership Meeting or virtually with author invited to briefly describe their research findings. 
Chair: Denise Anderson

Bylaws Committee
Responds to board request(s) for proposed additions or amendments to the bylaws. Prepares Board approved bylaws changes to the membership for final acceptance.
Chair: Ray Ochromowicz

Extern Committee 
Promotes the opportunity and selects four young professionals as externs to the annual NRPA Congress. Two of the extern opportunities are the Ernest T. Atwell Externships, intended for diversity candidates. 
Chair: Michael Kalvort

Gold Medal Committee  
Recommends to the Academy Board program improvements; coordinates educational session (virtual or live); recommends website content; assists with development of resources; and prepares articles or marketing materials promoting the program. The Committee does not judge the Gold Medal applications. 
Chair: John Prue

Hall of Fame Committee (in partnership with NRPA) 
Selects individuals who have made outstanding and lasting contributions to the advancement of recreation and parks (nominee must be deceased for at least five years prior to nomination). It is a memorial to those leaders who have enriched our philosophy and enhanced our environment. Induction takes place during the NRPA Conference at the Academy’s Annual Banquet. The Hall of Fame is housed at NRPA Headquarters. The Academy appoints four representatives who assist this joint committee; terms are five years.  
Chair: Dale Larsen

Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee (JEDI) 
Disseminates via the website AAPRA’s policy statement, commitment statement, and definitions; assists with identification of demographic information to be collected from Academy members (on a voluntary basis); further develops the ideas developed by the 2021 External Work Group and the JEDI Leadership Award and present to the Board of Directors for consideration 
Co-Chairs: Tracey Crawford and Roslyn Johnson

Legends in Parks & Recreation Committee 
Identifies through the membership and other promotions, distinguished administrators; educators; local, state, or federal elected officials; or citizens who have made outstanding contributions to the field. Selected Legends are interviewed typically by their nominator. Academy membership is not required to nominate or be a nominee. Coordinates taping of interviews locally or at NRPA conference.  
Chair: Dan West

Membership Committee (established by Bylaws)
Evaluates membership nominations and submits its recommendations for election to the Board. Recommends changes to the membership nomination process including the form, criteria, and evaluation process. The committee consists of, in addition to the President, six appointed members, each having been a member of the Academy for not less than three years. Members serve for one three-year term.  
Chair: Dale Larsen

Mentoring Committee
Operates in conjunction with NRPA’s Young Professional Network (YPN) and Leadership Development Network (LDN) to promote mentoring opportunities with Academy members. Mentoring relationship is at least six (6) months. Secures Academy members to serve as mentors. Evaluates program annually. 
Chair: Cynthia Sullivan

Nominating Committee (established by Bylaws)
Solicits candidates for the officer and director election. Notifies the membership of the opportunity for self-nomination. Recommends slate to the Board of Directors. Chaired by the immediate Past President and includes five members, with the majority being past presidents and the President- Elect. 
Chair: Michael McCarty

Pugsley Awards Committee (established by Bylaws)  
Oversees the Pugsley Award program including submitting nominees to the Board of Directors for concurrence. Composed of five voting members, all of whom must have received a Pugsley Award, and at least three must be members of the Academy. Terms are three years, and a member may serve not more than three consecutive complete terms. In conference with the Committee Chair, the President may appoint up to two additional Pugsley recipients as honorary non-voting members, who serve in an advisory capacity. Honorary members may, but need not be, Academy Members. 
Chair: John Potts 

Research for the Profession
The Research for the Profession Committee continues efforts to foster greater connectivity between research and evidence-based practice (e.g., programming, planning, administration), as well as among those who engage in such activities. 
Chair: Lyn Jamieson