Fees to Post Job Announcements

Job announcements will be transmitted to the membership on the following fee schedule:

  1. Members announcing vacancies in their own public agency (local government or educational institution): No Charge
  2. Members serving as a consultant or employee of a private firm announcing vacancies: $100 per post
  3. Non-AAPRA members, agencies or firms announcing vacancies: $200 per post

Should the member or non-member request immediate distribution of the job announcement the following fee will apply:

  1. Member: $100 per post
  2. Member / Consultant: $200 per post
  3. Non-Member: $400 per post 

Fees will be paid in full in advance of emailing / posting the job announcement. 

Frequency of Job Posts
Job announcements will be sent twice month electronically:
On/around        1st of the month
On/around        15th of the month