Pugsley Medal Recipients

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The Honorable Cornelius Amory Pugsley Medals are the most prestigious awards that recognize outstanding contributions to the promotion and development of public parks and conservation in the United States.


William Mitchell, Executive Director, Department of Parks and Recreation, Pennsylvania

Arnold Randall, General Superintendent, Forest Preserves District of Cook County
Elizabeth Kessler, Executive Director, McHenry County Conservation District
John J. Reynolds, Director, West Region, National Park Service (Retired)

Daniel L. Dustin, PhD, Utah

Dr. Phillip Rea, Professor Emeritus, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management at North Carolina State University
Renée E. Bahl, Associate Vice Chancellor, University of California, Santa Barbara
Richard J. Dolesh, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, National Recreation and Park Association

Mr. William “Bill” Scalzo, Director, Maricopa County Parks & Recreation Department, Arizona
Robert Emmett Doyle, General Manager, East Bay Regional Park District, California

Anita Gorman, Park & Recreation Advocate, Kansas City, Missouri
Lewis Ledford, Director; Executive Director, North Carolina State Parks; National Assoc. of State Parks Directors
Peter Sortino , Park Advocate, Member, Board of Directors and Executive , Forest Park Forever, St. Louis, Missouri

John Sutter, Board Member, East Bay Regional Park District, California
Richard L. Ash, Jr., Director, St. Charles Park District, Missouri

John C. Potts , Superintendent of Parks and Planning, Peoria Park District, and Executive Director, Champaign County Forest Preserve District, Illinois
Lamar Alexander, Govonor, State of Tennessee, Tennessee
Mary Kathleen “Kathy” Perales, Research Biologist, Engineer Research and Development Center, US Army Corps of Engineers, Mississippi

Eric W. O’Brien
James A. Peterson, Professor, Indiana University, Indiana
Katie Porter, Park Advocate & Chair; Vice Chair; Chair, Morris County Park Commission; Governor's Council on New Jersey Outdoors; NRPA Board of Directors

Barry Tindall, Director Public Policy , National Recreation and Park Association, Virginia
Beverly D. (Brandes) Chrisman, Park Advocate, Chair; President, Irmo Chapin Recreation Commission; NRPA, South Carolina
John H. Davis, Executive Director, National Recreation and Park Association, Virginia

Joe Crookham, Park Advocate, President; Board of Directors; Member, Mahaska County Recreation Foundation; National Park Foundation; Little League Baseball Foundation, Iowa
Pete Dangermond, Director; President, California State Parks; Save-the-Redwoods League, California
Roger K. Brown, Director; First Director, Greensboro Park & Rec, NC; North Clackamas Parks & Rec Dist., OR

Dr. Roderick Frazier Nash, Professor, Historian, Author, University of California Santa Barbara, CA
James Reed Ellis, Park Advocate, First Citizen Award; recipient, National Jefferson Award, Seattle-King County, WA
John J. Nau III, Park Advocate; Chair, Advisory Council; Chair, Historic Preservation & Preserve America Initiative; Civil War Trust, TX

Charles E. Hartsoe, Professor Emeritus, Virginia Commonwealth University, author, advocate
Harry (Hal) G. Haskell, Jr, Former Member of Congress, NRPA Life Trustee
Martin J. Rosen, Founding Member, former Chairman & President, The Trust for Public Land

Anne M. Burke, Justice, Illinois Supreme Court
Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Executive Vice President, Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation
George L. Bristol, President, Texas Coalition for Conservation
Huey Johnson, President, Resource Renewal Institute

Elizabeth (Liz) Cushman Titus Putnam, Founding President, Student Conservation Association, NH
Henry L. Diamond, Environmental Lawyer, Washington, DC
Vern J. Hartenburg, Executive Director, Cleveland Metroparks, OH

Elizabeth (Betsy) Barlow Rogers , President, Central Park Conservancy, New York City
Fran P. Mainella, Director, National Park Service, Washington, DC
Stuart L. Udall, Secretary of Interior, Washington, DC

L.W. "Bill" Lane, Jr., Retired Publisher, Sunset, Menlo Park, CA
Tony A. Mobley, Dean Emeritus, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Clifton E. French, Superintendent, Hennepin County Park Preserve District
Lady Bird Johnson, Conservationist, Austin, TX
Patrick F. Noonan, Chair, Conservation Fund, Washington, DC

Brian O'Neill, Superintendent, Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Laurance S. Rockefeller, Conservationist and Philanthropist, Pocantico, NY
Victor Ashe, Mayor , Knoxville, TN

Pat O'Brien, General Manager, East Bay Regional Park District, CA
Robert "Bob" G. Stanton, Director, National Park Service, Washington, DC
Terese "Terry" Tarlton Hershey, Conservationist, Houston, TX

Bernadette Castro, Commissioner, NY State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation
Eugene Young, Superintendent, Recreation & Park Commission for East Baton Rouge Parish, LA
R. Dean Tice, Executive Director, National Recreation & Park Association, Ashburn, VA

Andrea Moore, State Representative, Illinois
Anne Springs Close, Fort Mill, SC
Dr. Joe Bannon, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Bruce Babbitt, Secretary, Department of Interior, Washington, DC
Carol M. Severin, Chair, East Bay Regional Park District, CA
Chris Jarvi, Director, City of Anaheim, CA

John L. Crompton, Distinguished Professor, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
Joseph Caverly, Director, Westchester County Parks Commission, NY

Fran P. Mainella, Director, National Park Service, Washington, DC
Ken Winslade , Director, Department of Parks & Recreation, New Westminster, BC, Canada

Ernest William Nance, Director, Oaklawn Park District, IL
Ira J. Hutchison, Assistant Director, National Park Service, Washington, DC

Charles R. Jordan, Director, Portland, OR
Edward J. Koenemann, Director, Vermont State Parks

Cordie O. Hudkins, Jr., Director, West Virginia State Parks
James J. Truncer, Director, Monmouth County Park System, NJ
John E. Cook, Regional Director, National Park Service, Santa Fe, NM

Andrew Sansom, Director, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
James "Jim" Andrew Colley, Director, Phoenix Parks, Recreation & Library Department, AZ
James M. Ridenour, Director, National Park Service, Washington, DC
William "Bill" J. Briggle, Superintendent, Mt. Ranier National Park

Boyd Evison, Regional Director, National Park Service
Ralph S. Cryder, Director, Los Angeles County Parks, CA
Ray H. Murray, National Park Service, Sacramento, CA

Denis P. Galvin, Deputy Director, National Park Service, Washington, DC
Ford W. Hughes, Director, St. James Foundation
Ronald H. Dodd, Director, Chicago Park District, IL

David Talbot, Director, Oregon State Parks
Gary Everhardt , Director, National Park Service, Washington, DC
Richard "Dick" Trudeau, Director, East Bay Regional Park District, CA
William J. Hopkins, Director, Delaware State Parks

H.C. "Chuck" Johnson, Director, DuPage County Forest Preserve, IL
Orin Lehman, Commissioner, NY State Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation
Philip O. Stewart, Assistant Director, Land Acquisition, National Park Service
Willis "Will" P. Kriz, National Park Service

William C. "Bill" Walters , Director, Indiana State Parks
William Penn Mott, Jr., Director, National Park Service
William R. "Bill" Bird, Director, Metropolitan Dade County Parks & Recreation Department, FL

Marc Sagan, Chief, Harpers Ferry Center, National Park Service
Robert F. Toalson, Director, Champaign (IL) Park District
William C. “Bill” Forrey, Director, Pennsylvania State Parks

Charles H. Odegaard , Director, Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission
David 0. Laidlaw, Director, Huron-Clinton Metroparks, OH
Manus “Jack” Fish, Jr., Director, National Capital Region, National Park Service

Graham A. Skea, Director, Parks, Recreation & Conservation, Orange County, NY
John A. Townsley, Superintendent, Yellowstone National Park, WY
William Penn Mott, Jr., Director, National Park Service

Pugsley Medal -Frank C. Vaydik, Director, Kansas City (MO) Parks, Recreation and Conservation

Daniel ]ames "Jim" Tobin, Jr. , Deputy Director, National Park Service
Maxwell D. Ramsey, Director, Cultural Resources & Recreation, Tennessee Valley Authority
Nash Castro, Executive Director, Palisades Interstate Park Commisiion, New York, New York

No medals awarded.

No medals awarded.

No medals awarded.

No medals awarded.

Lawrence Stuart, Director, Maine State Parks, Maine
Rhodell E. Owens, Director, Peoria (IL) Park District
Russell E. Dickenson, Director, National Park Service

Elbert Cox, Regional Director, National Park Service, Richmond, Virgina
Horace G. Caldwell, Executive Director, Jekyll Island Authority, GA
William A. "Bill" Parr, Superintendent, Maryland State Parks

Howard Gregg, General Manager, Milwaukee County (WI) Parks & Recreation Department
Nathaniel P. "Nate" Reed, Assistant Secretary, Department of the Interior
William Penn Mott, Jr., Director, National Park Service

Earl Edison Gaylor, General Manager, Oglebay Park, Wheeling, WV
Joseph W. Souza, Jr., Director, Hawaii State Parks
Melvin M. Payne, Chair, National Geographic Society

Ben H. Bolen, Commissioner, Virginia Division of Parks
Harthon "Spud" L. Bill, Deputy Directo, National Park Service
Robert W. Ruhe, Superintenden, Board of Park Commission, Minneapolis, MN

Ignatius "Nash" Castro, Regional Director, National Capital Parks, Washington, DC
Joseph J Truncer, Director, Department of Conservation and Economics, Division of Parks, Trenton, New Jersey
Pugsley Medal -Lawrence "Larry" N. Stevens, Associate Director, Bureau of Outdoor Recreation, Washington, DC

Lemuel “Lon” A. Garrison, Director, Region V, National Park Service, Philadelphia, PA
Theodore Kazimiroff, Historian, Bronx Borough, Bronx, New York
William M. "Mark" Gosdin, Director, Department of Park Services, TX Parks & Wildlife Dept

Earl Philip Hanson, Chief, California Division of Beaches & Parks
George B. Hartzog Jr., Director, National Park Service
John "Jack" P. Hewitt, Director, Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission

James H. Evans, Chair, National Park & Recreation Association
Kermit "Mac" McKeever, Chief, Division of Parks and Recreation, Charleston, WV
Norman S Johnson, Superintendent, Parks, Los Angeles, California

Elbert Cox, Regional Director, National Park Service
Pugsley Medal -Frank C. Vaydik, Director, Kansas City (MO) Parks, Recreation and Conservation
Russell B. Tobey, Director, Division of Parks, Concord, NH

Local Level Pugsley Medal -Daniel L Flaherty, General Superintendent, Chicago Park District, Chicago, Illinois
National Level Pugsley Medal -Harold P Fabian, Attorney, Jackson Hole Preserve, Salt LAke City, Utah
State Level Pugsley Medal -U.W. Hella, Director, Division of State Parks, Department of Conservation, St. PAul, Minnesota

National Level Pugsley Medal -Thomas S. Jett, Regional Director, National Capital Parks, Wahington DC
National Pugsley Medal -Conrad L. Wirth, Director, Division of State Park Service, Washington DC
State/Regional Level Pugsley Medal -Edward J Meeman, Conservation Editor

Local Level Pugsley Medal -Ejo J. Urbanovsky, Texas Technological College, Department of Park Management, Lubbock, Texas
National Level Pugsley Medal -Freeman Tilden, Author, Warner, New Hampshire
State Level Pugsley Medal -Sidney S. Kennedy, Division Cooperative Services, Bureau of Outdoor Recreation, NPS, Washington DC

Local Level Pugsley Medal- Frank G McInnis, Director, Detroit Zoological Park, Royal Oak, Michigan
State Level Pugsley Medal -Allen T Edmunds
State Level Pugsley Medal -Charles A De Turk, Director, Department of Parks and Recreation, Sacramento, California

Bronze Medal -Edmund B. Rogers, Superintendent, Rocky Mountain National Park and Yellowstone National Park, Denver, Colorado
Local Level Pugsley Medal -Louis B. Houston, Director, Dallas Parks and Recreation Department, Texas
State/Regional Pugsley Medal -Harold W. Lathrop, Director , Colorado State Parks and Recreation, Denver, Colorado

Local Level Pugsley Medal -Homer W. Fish, Superintendent, Parks, Wheeling, West Virginia
National Level Pugsley Medal -Alfred A. Knopf, Publisher, Federal Advisory Board on National Parks, Historic Sites, Buildings and Monuments,, New York, New York
State/Regional Level Pugsley Medal -George L Collins, Regional Chief, Recreation Resource Planning, National Park Service, San Anselmo, California

Bronze Medal -Walter L. Wirth, Salem Parks and Recreation Department., Oregon
National Level Pugsley Medal- Eivind T. Scoyen, Associate Director, NPS, Washington DC
State/Regional Pugsley Medal -Thomas W. Morse, Superintendent, State Parks, Raleigh, North Carolina

Local level Pugsley Medal -Charles E. Doell, Superintendent, Board of Park Commissioners, Minneapolis, Minnesota
National level Pugsley Medal -Ben H. Thompson, Division of Recreation Resource Planning, NPS, Glen Echo, Maryland
State Pugsley Medal -Kenneth R. Cougill, Division of State Parks, Anderson, Indiana

Bronze Medal- Gilbert H. Grosvenor, Chairman, National Geographic Society, Washington DC
Gold Medal- Harold S. Wagner, Metropolitan Park System, Akron, Ohio
Silver Medal- James F. Evans, Director, New York State Park System, Albany, New York

Bronze Medal- Thomas C.Vint, Chief Design and Construction, National Park Service, Washington DC
Gold Medal- Loring McMellan, Vice-President, Statten Island Hisotrical Society, New York
Silver Medal- Ruth E. Peeler, Vice Chair, State Parks and Research Commission, Des Moines, Washington DC

Bronze Medal- Harold C Bryant, Assistant Director, National Park Service, Ovinda, California
Gold Medal- Adrian D. Barnes, Dade County Park Department, Miami, Florida
Silver Medal- Russel Reid, Superintendent, State Historical Society of North Dakota, Bismark, North Dakota

Bronze Medal- Olaus J Murie, President, Wilderness Society, Moose, Wyoming
Gold Medal - Fredrick L. Olmsted Jr., Palo Alto, California
Silver Medal- Edward J Burns, Washington DC

Bronze Medal- Jerome C Dretzka, Milwaukee County Commission, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Gold Medal - Harlean James, Executive Secretary, American Planning and Civic Association and the National Conference On State Parks, Washington, D.C.
Silver Medal- Ronald F. Lee, Assistant Director, Secretary, National Park Service, National Trust for Historic Preservation, Washington DC

Bronze Medal- Frank D. Quinn, Chairman, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, Austin, Texas
Gold Medal- Arthur E. Demaray, Director, National Park Service
Silver Medal- Victor W. Flickinger, Chief, Division of Parks, Department of Natural Resources, Columbus, Ohio

Bronze Medal- William N G Haynes, Stonington, Connecticut
Gold Medal -Newton B. Drury, Director, National Park Service
Silver Medal- Frank A. Kittredge, Chief Engineer, National Park Service, Washington DC

Bronze Medal- Jay Downer, Chief Engineer, Westchester County, New York, New York
Gold Medal- Waldo G. Leland, National Park Service Advisory Board
Silver Medal-Hillory A Tolson, Assistant Director, National Park Service

Bronze Medal- Ellwood B. Chapman, President, Pennsylvania Parks Assn., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Gold Medal- Percival P. Baxter, Portland, Maine
Silver Medal- Minor R. Tillotson, Regional Director , National Park Service, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Bronze Medal- Samuel H. Boardman, Oregon State Highway Commission, Salem, Oregon
Gold Medal - Conrad L. Wirth, National Parks Service
Silver Medal- Thomas J.Allen, Regional Director, National Park Service, Richmond, Virginia

Medal awards discontinued during World War II

Medal awards discontinued during World War II

Medal awards discontinued during World War II

Medal awards discontinued during World War II

Bronze Medal- Harlean James, Executive Secretary, American Planning and Civic Association
Gold Medal- Harold L. Ickes, Secretary of the Interior
Silver Medal- Arthur E. Demaray, Assistant Director, National Park Service

No medals were awarded

Bronze Medal- William A. Stinchcomb, Director, Cleveland Metropolitan Park District
Gold Medal- Hermon C. Bumpus, President, Tufts University; Chair, NPS Advisory Board
Silver Medal- Newton B. Drury, Secretary, Save the Redwoods, League of California, California

Bronze Medal- William P. Alexander, Buffalo, New York
Gold Medal- Robert Fechner, Director, Civilian Conservation Corps
Silver Medal- Charles C. Deam, Indiana State Parks

Bronze Medal- Alvin E Reeves, Director, Division of Parks, Oklahama, Oklahama
Gold Medal- Arno B. Cammerer, Director, National Park Service
Silver Medal- Raymond H Torrey, Journalist and Secretary, American Scenic and Historic Preservation

Bronze Medal- William H. Carr, Director, Trailside Museum at Bear Mountain
J. Horace McFarland, President, American Civic Association, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Silver Medal- Charles P. Wilber, State Forester and Director, Department of Conservation and Development, New Jersey

Bronze Medal- George M Wright, Founder and Chief, Wildlife Division of National Park Sevice
Gold Medal- Robert Moses, Commissioner, Parks for the City of New York, New York
Silver Medal- Roger W. Toll, Superintendent of Yellowstone Park

Bronze Medal- Will O Doolittle, Superintendent of Parks, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Howard B. Bloomer, Chair, Michigan Conservation Department, Michigan
Silver Medal- John McLaren, Park Superintendent, San Fransisco, California

Bronze Medal- Philip W Ayres, Chief Forester, Society for Protection of New Hampshire Forests, New Hampshire
Silver Medal- William E Carson, Director, Virginia Department of Conservation, Riverside, Virginia
William A. Welch, General Manager and Chief Engineer, Palisades Interstate Park, New York and New Jersey

Bronze Medal- David E Colp, Chair, Texas State Parks Board, Texas
Silver Medal- Tom Wallace, Editor of Louisville Times, Kentucky State Park Commission, Kentucky
William W. Niles, Chair, Taconic State Park Commission, New York

Bronze Medal- Margo K. Frankel, Chair, Iowa Board of Conservation
Chauncey J. Hamlin, President, Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences
Silver Medal- Peter Norbeck, Senator, South Dakota

Bronze Medal- Stella M Leviston, San Fransisco, California
Richard Leiber, Director, Indiana Department of Conservation
Silver Medal- Albert M Turner, Connecticut State Park and Forest Commission

Bronze Medal- Charles G Sauers, General Superindent, Indiana Dept of Conservation, Division of Land and Waters, Cook County Forest Preserve, Illinois
Gold Medal- Horace M. Albright, Director, National Park Service
Silver Medal- Theodore Wirth, General Superindent, Park Commissioners of Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bronze Medal- Thomas W. Hardison, Morristown , Arkansas
Gold Medal- Mary Averell Harriman, Philanthropist
Silver Medal- Nathaniel Lord Britton, New York Botanical Garden, New York

Bronze Medal- Beatrice Ward Nelson, Secretary, National Conference on State Parks, Charlottesville, Virginia
Gold Medal- Stephen Tyng Mather, Director and Founder, National Park Service
Silver Medal- Duncan McDuffie, Member, California State Parks Commission, San Francisco, California