Foundation Board


Mark Young
Parks & Public Policy Consultant, Parks Forever Consultant
Louisville, KY

Director - 2024

Cindi Wight, MR, CPRE
Burlington Parks, Recreation & Waterfront
Burlington, VT

Director - 2022

Ronald Olson
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Lansing, MI

Director - 2023

William Nelson
Retired Director of Rock Island Park & Recreation Department
Director of Rock Island Park & Recreation Foundation
Rock Island, IL

Lifetime Trustee

Mr. John C. Potts
Chillicothe, IL

AIPE/Academy Foundation Office

1401 Marvin Rd NE
STE 307, #552
Lacey, WA 98516

Vice President

Chris Dropinski, CPRE
Senior Principal & Managing Member
GreenPlay, LLC, Louisville, CO

Director - 2021

Renee Bahl
Associate Vice Chancellor for Design, Facilities & Safety Services
University of California, Santa Barbara

Director - 2024

Chris Nunes, PhD., CPRE
Director of Parks & Recreation
The Woodlands, TX

Director - 2022

Michael Kalvort, CPRE
Recreation Services Director
City of Boca Raton, FL

Director - 2023

Tom Shuster, CPRP
Director Emeritus
Ocean City Recreation and Parks, MD

Executive Director

Ms. Jane H. Adams (ex officio)
Sacramento, CA