Member Biography

Jamie Sabbach

Jamie founded 110% Inc. in 2010 with the intention of helping organizations be more responsible, strategic and bold amid dynamic social change and economic uncertainty. Providing assistance to organizations in 40 of the 50 states as well as in a number of Canadian provinces, she persists in challenging the status quo and conventional thinking.
In Jamie’s glory days, she played and coached college softball. After her stint in college athletics, she worked for notable agencies including the Champaign Park District (IL), the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department (IN), and the Boulder Parks and Recreation Department (CO). She has been an adjunct faculty member at many universities, an Instructional Assistant Professor at Illinois State University, and continues to contribute to higher education as an affiliate faculty member at Metro State University in Denver, Colorado.
Past experiences in athletics, as a public parks and recreation professional and as a college instructor have fed Jamie’s passion to help others enhance their own talents and improve performance. Her current work as a consultant, organizational coach and trainer focuses on enhancing adaptive leadership capabilities and organizational effectiveness. 
Jamie has taught and facilitated hundreds of professional development and training programs in the US, Canada and Europe and has testified in front of the US Congress on the importance of public lands and recreation. Jamie believes those in community service industries should be “fueled by anger and love” in order to make sure what needs to be said is said so that the important work gets done.
On a personal level, Jamie is a native of Illinois who lives in the mountains of Colorado, is nicknamed “Pumpkin” in honor of her Halloween birthday, is a former college jock, enjoys hiking, biking, river rafting and golf, volunteers for community organizations, and has a love affair with the Chicago Cubs! [updated June 2018]