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Dr. Merry Moiseichik

Dr. Merry Moiseichik is a professor of recreation and sport management at the University of Arkansas. She received her BSE and MSE from SUNY Cortland and her Doctorate in Recreation from Indiana University. She has a law degree from the University of Arkansas. She was the co-editor of Management of Park and Recreation (now in its third edition) which is the book used by professionals in the field who seek agency accreditation for their communities. As part of service and research, Dr. Moiseichik has worked with over 30 cities to help improve and provide better recreation services to their communities throughout Arkansas and Oklahoma. Her research area is in community development and law for which she has published over 30 articles and chapters. She has served on the board of her state association and Southwest Region and has been President for the Society for the Study of Legal Aspects of Sport and Physical Activity, which is now the Society of Recreation and Sport Law. [current as of 10/13]