Member Biography

Laura Wetherald

Laura Wetheraldis the Bureau Chief of Recreation at Howard County Recreation and Parks in Columbia, Maryland and she has been active in the profession for over 35 years. She started her career in the private sector as an Activity Therapist and then public Therapeutic Recreation and Recreation Inclusion settings, taught college at the undergraduate level for a few years full-time and then continued part-time at the undergraduate graduate level throughout her career. Laura has been the President of the Maryland Recreation and Parks Association and continues to be active each year on the Executive Council or Special Projects expanding her knowledge. She has been very active with the National Recreation and Parks Association as a member of the CAPRA Commission, CAPRA Agency Visitor and most recently as a trainer for the CAPRA and Visitor Training course. She has also served on several national committees including the National Inclusion Recreation Institute, NRPA Congress Host, Congress Leisure Tours Chair and NRPA Congress Program Committees. She has spoken locally and over the United States focusing on Recreation and Parks Administrative topics from back to basic skills to advanced programming topics. She has been an active member of LERN and has presented at the national conference as well as written articles for the web and publications. She serves as an active member of the LERN Recreation Council. She displays passion for the professional and enjoys her career every day! [current as of Sept 2016]