Member Biography

Lisa Paradis

Lisa Paradis, MBA, CPRP is a Senior Manager and Business Development Strategy Lead for the Parks, Recreation and Libraries practice national consulting firm BerryDunn. She is based out of Saint Petersburg, FL. Until 2018, Lisa was a Park and Recreation Director for 26 years in Massachusetts. She is the founder of the national park and recreation thought leader group Agents of Change. In 2018 she left the public sector to join 110%, Inc., focusing on financial sustainability and cost recovery consulting, and then in 2019 she joined the consulting firm BerryDunn to help start the Parks, Recreation and Libraries practice. As a leader, mentor, and often provocateur, she leads a team of consultants helping organizations and communities to be bold, courageous, and action-oriented through master and strategic planning, and financial and organizational management. Lisa is nationally known as a consultant, speaker, trainer, and facilitator, working with dozens of organizations and individuals annually. She has been a featured guest on both local and national radio and has published several industry articles in national publications.