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Dr. Ellen O'Sullivan

Dr. Ellen O'Sullivan, a Professor at Southern Connecticut State University since 1978 and the President of Leisure Lifestyle Consulting since 1992, both enjoys and endeavors to transform marketing trend information related to demographics, behavior patterns, and leisure pursuits into action-oriented outcomes for the industry..She is the author of several publications including Marketing for Parks, Recreation and Leisure; Experience Marketing - Strategies for the New Millennium; and Setting a Course for Change - The Benefits Movement in Parks and Recreation. O'Sullivan is a recipient of the National Recreation and Park Association's Distinguished Professional Award, the Distinguished Alumna Award from SUNY at Corland, NY, and the Willard C. Sutherland Practitioner Award from the Academy of Park and Recreation Administration. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut and has served as member of the NRPA Board of Trustees, and a judge for the National Gold Medal Award program.