Member Biography

Dr. Lawrence "Larry" Allen

Dr. Lawrence "Larry" Allen's primary research interests focus on the development of community tourism and recreation services and their impacts on the social, cultural, and economic well-being of communities. He has been involved with an ongoing effort to document these impacts in well over 150 communities during the last 15 years. This effort has provided valuable information in understanding tourism and recreation impacts, especially in rural areas and small communities. Most recently Dr. Allen has been involved with the development of guidelines and management principles for nature-based tourism enterprises and the development of a benefits-based leisure service delivery system. Additional interests include the study of management principles in recreation and tourism and the application of leisure services as a social and community development medium. Prior to joining Clemson, Dr. Allen was Head of the Department of Leisure Studies, University of Illinois and previous to that, Chair, Recreation and Leisure Studies Department, Temple University. He was the President of the Academy of Leisure Sciences for 1994-95. He also served as Co-Editor of the Journal of Park and Recreation Administration and was a member of the Board of Directors of SPRE.