Member Biography

Dr. Ted Flickinger

Dr. Ted Flickinger has been the President/CEO of the Illinois Association of Park Districts (IAPD) for the past 23 years. He works daily with more than 380 agencies that employ more than 42,000 individuals and fall under the policy direction of 2,100 locally elected park and recreation board members.

Flickinger has 41 years of experience in leadership, supervisory, administrative and educational positions in the park, recreation and conservation profession. He was a former park and recreation director of an Illinois park district and city park and recreation system in Ohio. His agency was the winner of the National Gold Medal Award. He was a college professor before becoming Regional Director for the National Recreation and Park Association. He received his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Park and Recreation Management from Southern Illinois University. Flickinger received his Ph.D. with specialization in Natural Resources Management from Ohio State University. He is a Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP) and Certified Association Executive (CAE). In 1990, Flickinger was honored through the College of Education to be the commencement speaker at Southern Illinois University. In 1994, Flickinger received the SIU Alumni of the Year Award, and the Illinois Association of Park Districts received the NASORLO (National Association of State Outdoor Recreation Liaison Officers) Award for the most outstanding nonprofit park and recreation association in the United States. He was appointed by the Governor of Illinois, George Ryan, to key task forces including Governor Ryan’s Transition Team; First Lady Ryan’s Futures for Kids Advisory Panel; the Department of Public Health’s Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Task Force; and Governor Ryan’s Families and Children Leadership Subcabinet.

Flickinger has served in many capacities for various professional organizations including the following:

  • President, Illinois Society of Association Executives (2001)
  • President, National Recreation & Park Association (President-elect 1997-98; President 1998-99; Past-president 1999-2000)
  • Board of Directors, National Society for Park Resources (1994)
  • Board of Trustees, National Recreation and Park Association (1990-2000)
  • Member, National Recreation and Park Association Great Lakes Regional Council (1970-76; 1980-present)
  • President, National Forum for the National Recreation and Park Association (1998)
  • Chairman, National Recreation and Park Association Public Awareness Committee (1997)
  • Chairman, National Recreation and Park Association Legislative Advocacy Task Force (1996)
  • Former Board Member/Chairman, National Recreation and Park Association Western Revenue Management School (1993-94)
  • Former Chairman, National Recreation and Park Association Congress (1983)
  • Member, American Academy for Park and Recreation Administration (1977-present)
  • Member, American Park and Recreation Society (1965-present; Board of Directors 1983-85; President-elect 1986-87; President 1987-88)
  • Member/former Board of Directors, Illinois Society of Association Executives (1983-86)
  • Member/former Chairman of the Board of Directors, Illinois Travel & Tourism Council (Board of Directors 1985-present; Chairman 1993-94)
  • Past-president, Ohio Parks and Recreation Association, Executive Board (1969-77; President 1975)

Flickinger has published more than 100 articles in professional magazines concerning the park and recreation field and co-authored a manual on lobbying for parks and recreation. He authored the books Are You On Board? (1993) and, soon to be published, Are You On Board, Too? for chief executive officers and policy-making board members; co-authored The Park Commissioners Handbook. (1994), and produced a 90-minute boardmanship training video titled Are You On Board? (2001). He has conducted conference sessions, workshops, seminars and keynote speeches in 22 states and at 18 national conferences.