Member Biography

Dianne Hoover CPRP

Dianne Hoover is currently serving as the Recreation and Parks Director for the City of Bakersfield, California.  With retirement at the end of 2020, the past fifteen and half years in Bakersfield is challenging and rewarding. She was able to open fourteen different parks, including regional, neighborhood and community parks to serve the growing City of Bakersfield.

Previous jobs included being the Parks and Recreation Director in Fort Wayne, IN; Oakwood, OH, Lima, OH; and Assistant Director for the Cincinnati Recreation Commission.  Early career jobs included Recreation Supervisor for Montgomery County, OH, SCORP Planner and Watercraft Officer on Lake Erie with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.
Dianne earned an MPA from the University of Dayton and an MA in Parks and Recreation Administration from Western Illinois University where she was awarded the Most Outstanding Student in the class.  Her BA degree was from Graceland College; now Graceland University in Lamoni, IA.
Throughout her career, she remained very active in the profession by serving in leadership roles on boards, associations and committees.  Some of her roles included AAPRA President, NRPA President, NRPA Board of Trustees, Chair of the Pacific Southwest Regional Council, President of the American Park and Recreation Society (APRS), Chair of the Great Lakes Regional Council, and various roles with conference planning and the Council on Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA).  She wrote various articles for NRPA, California and Ohio publications and newsletters.
She has remained a Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP) for 42 years.  She received the Dave Clark award, and the Outstanding Professional award from the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association (OPRA).
She plans to remain active upon her retirement, and she will continue to find ways to serve the profession that has given her so many opportunities to meet the best people on earth. [updated 08/20]