Pottsie Scholarship



John C. Potts Leadership Development Scholarship

The American Parks & Recreation Foundation provided two John C. Potts Leadership Development Scholarships for the 2022 NRPA Directors School. The scholarships cover tuition only. The two-year Directors School program is designed to prepare new and potential directors for the challenges of leading and managing effectively. "Pottsie" scholarships are awarded to aspiring agency/department directors who have demonstrated leadership potential in their organizations. The American Parks & Recreation Foundation gives strong consideration to candidates from agencies that lack the financial resources to apply to Year One of the Directors School. However, the agency must commit to financially support the scholarship winner to attend Year Two of the Directors School. 

“Pottsie” Leadership Development Scholarships, honor the American Academy for Park and Recreation Administration’s former Executive Director, John C. Potts. Your nomination must be supported by a current member of the American Academy for Park & Recreation Administration or by a graduate of the Directors School.  Eligible applicants must be a current member of NRPA.
The scholarship is intended to support professional-agency directors or superintendents or assistant/deputy directors and mid-level managers who desire to be agency directors. Applicants should have demonstrated leadership and management potential within their organizations toward their goal of being an agency director. 

Scholarship awards will prioritize candidates:              

  • From a minority population or underrepresented group in the parks and recreation profession.
  • From a park agency that cannot pay a candidate’s tuition without a scholarship.

To apply for a "Pottsie" scholarship, complete an on-line application no later than March 25, 2022.

Required Materials to be submitted through the online application:

  • Letter of nomination from a Directors School graduate or an Academy member
  • Letter from your organization’s director (or your supervisor if you are a new director) that states why your parks agency is dependent on the scholarship to send you to the Directors School or a letter describing your status as a member of a minority population or a group that is underrepresented in the parks and recreation profession.
  • Resume (not to exceed three pages)
  • Essay describing how attending the NRPA Directors School will help you achieve your professional development goals to be an agency director (length not to exceed 500 words)