Member Biography

William "Bill" Scalzo

William "Bill" Scalzo is an Assistant County Manager of Maricopa County for Community Services, Phoenix, Arizona. Since graduating with a master's degree from the University of Pittsburgh in 1969, Bill has been employed in the Recreation / Administration service profession. He worked for the City of Pittsburgh, PA as the Superintendent of Recreation and Administration; he was Director of the Essex County, NJ Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs; and worked for the City of Toledo, OH as the Director of the Department of Natural Resources.

In 1992, Bill was appointed as the Maricopa County, AZ Parks and Recreation Director. In 1994, his position expanded to include Library District Director and Stadium District Executive Director Representative. In 1997, Bill's responsibilities expanded further when he was appointed as Maricopa County's Chief Community Services Officer, directing the day-to-day operations of Parks and Recreation and the Stadium District, and overseeing the offices of Animal Control, Community Development, Housing, Library District, Planning & Development, Public Fiduciary and Solid Waste. In 2005 Bill was appointed as an Assistant County Manager and oversees the County Medical Examiner's Office, the Library District, Human Services and Community Development and serves as liaison to the County Housing Authority. He continues in his directorship with Parks and Recreation and the Stadium District.

As a Certified Park and Recreation Professional, Bill has had numerous articles published in NRPA Parks and Recreation, NJRPA Leisure Forum, Pennsylvania Recreation and Parks, OPRA Leisure Leader and the Community Fitness Manual. Bill has also received many honors throughout his career, most notably NRPA Pacific Southwest Regional Council Distinguished Service Award; American City and County Award of Merit; Arizona Valley Forward Award for Spur Cross Conservation Area Master Plan; NACo County Achievement Awards for: Rio Fire Recovery Project, Public/Private Partnership, Innovation in Government, Customer Service ~ Programming, and Design & Construction; and a NACPRO Environmental Award.

Bill remains active in many professional and community associations including:

  • NRPA - member since 1974, Chair, Fitness Coalition NRPA/President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, 1986-87, also serves on the Board of Regents for the Revenue Management School.
  • American Park & Recreation Society - member since 1974, Chair, National Issues Committee, 1988-89; Board of Directors, 1984-86
  • AAPRA-member since 1996, Bylaws Committee Member, 2003; Board of Directors, 2000-02; Chair, By-laws Committee, 2002; Chair, Awards Banquet, 2000
  • National Association of County Park and Recreation Officials - member since 1981, Chair, Conference Committee, 2002-present; Chair, Legislative Committee, 1998-2002; Historian, 1995-2002; Board of Directors, 1992-present, 1981-87; President, 1986;
  • Arizona Outdoor Recreation Coordinating Commission - Governor Appointment 1998-2005, Vice Chair, 2003; Chair, 2001
  • Arizona Park and Recreation Association - member since 1992, Chair, State Conference, 2001; Chair, 50th Anniversary Committee, 1999; Chair, Administrators Section, 1996
  • Arizona State Parks Board - Governor Appointment in 2005 for a six year term
  • Diamondbacks Baseball Charities Board of Directors, 1998-present
  • Arizona State University Curriculum Advisory Committee, 1995-present
  • Arizona State University West Curriculum Advisory Committee, 1995-present.