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Dr. Edwin Gomez CPRP

Dr. Edwin (Ed) Gómez is a Professor and Chair of the Department of Recreation Sciences at East Carolina University (ECU). Prior to ECU, Dr. Gómez was a Professor at Old Dominion University with University Professor Designation for excellence in teaching. Dr. Gómez is a Certified Park and Recreation Professional (CPRP) and is a past associate editor for Leisure Sciences and the Journal of Leisure Research. Dr. Gómez was a sergeant in the U.S. Army and after serving his country, he earned a BS from Salem State University in geography; an MS from Rochester Institute of Technology in hospitality and travel management; a PhD from Michigan State University in park, recreation, and tourism resources with an urban studies emphasis; and an MA in linguistics at Old Dominion University. He has worked with tourism/travel, recreation, park, sport management and recreational therapy students. Dr. Gómez has been recognized in the form of awards for outstanding teaching, research, service, and student advising at all levels from college to university to national awards. At Old Dominion University, Dr. Gómez was recognized for two top awards. First, he received the Sara and Rufus Tonelson Award from his college; this is the top award for teaching, research, and service – the trifecta of the roles as academicians. Second, he received the top university-wide teaching designation, University Professor, an award only given to Professors in recognition of outstanding teaching. At East Carolina University, Dr. Gómez received Honored Instructor awards 3 years in a row. This is an award given by on-campus students who recognize excellence in teaching by a professor whose teaching made a difference in their education and professional preparation. He has authored over 35 peer-reviewed publications. Much of his research and activism has been specifically related to urban, ethnic/racial, or sense of community issues as they relate to neighborhood parks and recreation. Neighborhood parks took the form of either a community/pocket park or a dog park. He has also conducted researched at state-level parks (First Landing State Park), specialty sites (for rock climbing), national trails (Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail), and collaborated in research on beaches and surfing in the United States and Central America, as well as sport studies related to a national biking survey and marathon events. His early research on Latinos and recreation, and ethnicity recreation participation models, helped shape research on ethnicity/race and leisure. In his spare time, Dr. Gomez likes to read fantasy/science fiction novels, hike, bike, travel and explore restaurants. He is fluent in English and Spanish, and conversational in Italian.