Member Biography

Richard C. Johns

Richard C. Johns retired from his position of Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of Santa Barbara, CA in May 2004. He served the city for thirty-one years in various  capacities in the Department beginning in 1973. He began his career as a Recreation Supervisor for the City of Davis, CA (1969-73). He received his B.A. degree in Recreation Administration (1968) and his M.S. degree  in Parks and Recreation Administration (1976) both from California State University. Some of his professional affiliations include: NRPA President, 1993; Member of the Board of Trustees for nine years; Chair of NRPA National Forum (1990-91); National Gold Medal Awards Judge, (1990-2000 &  2004-2005); Past-Chair, NRPA Pacific Southwest Regional Council (1980-86); and Member, California Parks and Recreation Society.

Richard is a recipient NRPA Distinguished Professional Award. Fellow  in the American Academy of Park & Recreation Administration. He received the 2002 Distinguished Alumni Service Award, from California State  University, Sacramento. Inducted in 1985 as Community Leader in the Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table Hall of Fame. Richard was a founding member of the Las Positas Park Foundation and the Santa Barbara Park &  Recreation Community Foundation. Thought-out his career he has served on numerous community boards such as the Santa Barbara County Land Trust and the Santa Barbara Special Olympics.

Richard is now retired, living in Eagle, ID, and is doing volunteer professional work and consulting.