Member Biography

Leon E. Younger

Leon E. Younger is the General Partner with Leon Younger & Pros. Previously he held positions as: Director and Chairman of the Board, Indianapolis Parks and Recreation; Executive Director, Lake Metroparks; Director of Park and Recreation; Jackson County Park and Recreation Department; Superintendent of Recreation, Johnson County Parks and Recreation District; and Recreation Director, Garden City, Kansas Recreation Commission.

He received his B.S. degree in Recreation Administration with a minor in Business Administration from Kansas State University (1975) and M.S. degree in Public Administration from the University of Kansas (1988). Professional affiliations include: National Park and Recreation; Indiana Sports Corporation; Ohio Environmental Council Board; Pacific Coast Revenue Resources and Marketing Management School; National Association of County Park and Recreation Professionals; Kansas Recreation and Park Association; Ohio Parks and Recreation Association; Indiana Parks and Recreation Association; Missouri Park and Recreation Association; and many others. Awards he has received include: Outstanding Service Professional, Kansas Recreation and Park Association; Willard Southerland Practitioner Award, American Academy for Park and Recreation Administrators; and Outstanding Young Professional, Kansas Recreation and Park Association.